Why Work For Us?


Our mission is to help working class families achieve financial protection from adverse circumstances. We help families preserve their dreams - their home, an education for their children, a financial legacy.

Our very existence is based on one thing: trust. In everything we do, we strive to act in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We endeavor to make prudent decisions to advance the long-term interests of our policyholders, our employees, our field representatives and our shareholders. We work to have a positive effect within the communities we serve through financial support and hands-on participation.

Our employees are vital to our success. We provide a stable company, promote honesty and integrity, provide advancement opportunities and support community service.


Employee Testimonials

One of the things we're most proud of is the tenure of our employee population. We highlight there service every five years with a Service Award. Each month in our Newsletter we highlight employees from each Affiliate Company and here's why they continue to work for us.

Katie Hudak - Katie works for Family Heritage Life Insurance, a newly acquire company of Torchmark Corporation. Katie has been with the Torchmark family for 3 years but has spent 6 years total with Family Heritage. Katie says "We have the opportunity to give relief to our policyholders while they are going through tough times".

Sherri Jones - Sherri has been an employee of Liberty National Life Insurance for 35 years. The reason Sherri enjoys working for us is "Definitely my coworkers, and I like that I get to do something different every day".

Cheri Lawhon - Cheri is an employee of Globe Life And Accident Insurance. Cheri has dedicated 16 years of service. Cheri says "I like that it's always something different every day, and I really enjoy the people I work with".

LaTasha Hawkins - LaTasha has spent 17 years with Globe Marketing Services, a subsidiary of Globe Life And Accident. LaTasha came to work with us for stability.  She wanted an opportunity for long-term employment.  She says "I like being an employee here because there are opportunities to grow and advance, which I have done over my time here. I also cannot forget about all the team players here that have help me and been mentors for me through this journey".

Adam Harris - Adam works for United American Insurance. While Adam has only been here a year, he says "You know, I really appreciate how the people here are very professional. I've worked places in the past where my coworkers were not as professional as they are here. so it's something I definitely enjoy".

Jessica Svacina - Jessica has worked for American Income Life for 15 years. She started with the company in the file room and has received numerous opportunities to advance. Today she is a part of the Lead Distribution Team. Jessica says "I was lucky that American Income saw the potential in a young woman like myself and granted me the opportunity to become a part of its team. I just love what this company is founded on: we offer hundreds of thousands of individuals the security and relief that their loved ones are taken care of when the unspeakable happens."